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Silk Roses

from: WeSendFlowers.com

Roses are very beautiful flowers to look at and to smell. Yet they can be expensive and they donít last very long. One way to make sure you can preserve that beauty is to go with silk roses. They are often very well made and unless you look at them very close you may not even be able to tell that they arenít real. Some people choose to spray them with rose perfume and that gives them even more of a feel of being real.

One of the main uses for silk flowers is for wedding bouquets. With real flowers they have to be made in the last day or two before the wedding. This is a time when there is so much going on that they donít need any more things to do. The stress level gets very high when the wedding is approaching and there are too many things left to complete.

With the use of silk roses for the wedding bouquets they can easily be made well in advance. They can be stored in boxes to help them keep their shape. Real roses would also require being refrigerated while the silk ones just have to be carried to the church. They can even be used for the rehearsal wedding if you choose to do so.

Another common use for silk roses is for centerpieces. They can be used for dinner parties or when you are hosting a fun celebration. They can also be used to decorate the tables at a wedding reception. Silk roses are definitely more affordable than real ones and much easier to work with. You donít have to rely on a florist to get them to you and to keep them alive and healthy.

Silk roses can be preserved forever as well. You donít have to worry about them withering and dying. You also donít have to get someone to press them in order for you to have a great memento of your special occasion. If you host a large event you can even allow some of the guests to take home the silk rose arrangements after it is over. They are so lovely that you will be sure to have many takers on this.



Orchid Flowers News

'Million Orchid' project to revive native Florida flowers - Reuters

'Million Orchid' project to revive native Florida flowers
Decades of breakneck urban development and population growth all but destroyed the region's native orchid species. The vividly colored flowers were pulled from their perches by enthusiasts and dealers, who shipped them north to be sold in home stores ...

and more »


The Shrek orchid: Rare flower looks exactly like green-skinned ogre - Daily Mail

Daily Mail

The Shrek orchid: Rare flower looks exactly like green-skinned ogre
Daily Mail
The flower, called Ophrys Apifera or bee orchid, was pictured in Spain by British photographer David Chapman. Doppelganger: This orchid happens to look almost exactly like cartoon character Shrek. The truth: the Orphys Apifera is named for its ...


Orchid tree flowers in bloom - InMaricopa.com


Orchid tree flowers in bloom
Ann Strong doesn't know much about orchid trees, but she does know that seeing the flowers bloom on her and her husband's backyard Chinese orchid is a rarity. In the past five years, the Alterra resident said the tree flowers have only bloomed twice.


Orchid cacti are easy to grow, beautiful in bloom - Herald & Review

Orchid cacti are easy to grow, beautiful in bloom
Herald & Review
They are cacti, but are not spiny. Their spectacular blossoms are neither orchids nor orchid-like. Sometimes orchid cacti are called epiphyllums, which is also the botanical name of some (but not all) orchid cacti. The word epiphyllum means "on the ...


Flower Fans Pack Omaha Orchid Show - WOWT

Flower Fans Pack Omaha Orchid Show
Lauritzen Gardens, well known for its plants and flowers, hosted something very special on Saturday, the 27th Annual Omaha Orchid Show and Sale. Dozens and dozens packed into the Great Hall to take a look at an enormous variety of orchids. Growers ...

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